Thin And Pale

by The Mountain Apple Epidemic

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released June 23, 2009

Todd Sampson



all rights reserved


The Mountain Apple Epidemic Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Mountain Apple Epidemic delivers a simultaneously bleak and uplifting experience. Tracks range from raspy story-telling tales speckled with finger picking to intense percussion driven rocking jams.

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Woe to the woman with child in that day
Run into the hills and hide in that day
All the beasts will have their fill in that day
Birds will gather like storm clouds in that day
Feasting on the flesh they've found
Dark the sky and red the ground
Acting like there ain't no devil
Just getting by until the end
Don't get yourself all unraveled
Distraction's better with two hands

There's so much fussing over nothing
When all to dust it all must go
Eternal wholeness holds no fragrance
To hearts enslaved to lust and gold

So fix your minds upon tomorrows
That you may or may not know
And build yourself a little piece of heaven
And close your eyes until it feels like home

And when all is said and done and your are dead and gone
Name one thing that you've won
What dream inside you died when life was sold for lies
Yeah, all those tame desires

Don't no one make a sound plant both feet on the ground
Don't look for higher ground
Let's all pretend and smile, yeah, we've got lots of time
Be reasonable and mild
And die for your life
And die for your life
Over my eyes the softest veil
Give whispers to the wishing well
The Blood washed thin and pale

There's plenty here to fill my hand
To promise me this promise land
A wasted thirst a sham

We're sleeping under spells of dust
Eternal life for loss and lust
Hell's maw beneath the crust

The cover of the night won't last
The golden sheen of youth long passed
The creeping, ruinous, glass

And not a way to save one breath
Beneath the crushing hand of death
The rich and poor bereft

So tear the veil and wake my soul
O, Christ, o, Conquerer of Sheol
All truth, all life, is yours
Track Name: HORSES
She was on her knees, her hair was a rag to clean
The tears upon his feet, a shame that she wanted redeemed

Reign your horses in, darling
Gonna run 'em off a cliff someday
Reign your horses in, darling
Run 'em toward the light that does not wane

He kept every creed, but he wanted what he could not keep
Go, sell everything, give it to the ones who are in need

Let your horses go, child
They'll take you where you can not stay
Let your horses go, child
You're gonna lose 'em anyway
All sincerity has gone from me
And I don't know how long I have been this way
And I don't blame you, I blame the stars, the sun and the moon
No, I don't blame you anymore

Hold me while I hang my head and cry
It's been so long since I have felt that peace
I don't blame you, I blame myself for walking into ruin
No, I don't blame you anymore

All the summer's warmth left through that door
I vaguely see her through the frosty glass
I don't love you, that's what she said with no reason no excuse
I don't love you anymore
Track Name: SAD WORLD
In the wounded hands of another
I can never tell what they're gonna say
Left their hearts behind for more important matters
Never finding rest ever on enslaved

It's a sad world, it's a bad world
Idols ocean deep
It's a dark world, it's a deaf world
And it has no king

Make some money here, what a pointless purpose
What's the point of life if it only fails us
Make a plan and die, is there any justice
Never satisfied, what a wretched notion


Can we overthrow every word he's spoken
Can we be ourselves when our self is broken
Oh for heaven's light, every soul's still pining
But the terms are sour 'cause no flesh seeks dying

I've had enough of the shrinking and sinking
I've had enough of the selfish arranging
I've done enough of the striving and striving
I've don't enough of just barely surviving
I've had enough, it ain't enough, it offers something
But not satisfaction

How long does happiness last
Will it fill my soul at last
Or will it let me down
How much cash
How much cash is enough to last
If you think it ends, it don't

The days go by in a blur of ambition
An endless list of imposters to heaven
I've seen enough of the endless defiance
I've seen enough of the worldly alliance
I've had enough, it ain't enough, it offers something
But not satisfaction


Oh God I've run as far as I care to, 'bout time I seek you
I'm tire of being lost
Oh God I'm learning slowly, but I know I know the story
And I'll pay the cost
Prison walls are dreams forever out of reach
Everything is just a trap to bring a desperate soul to see their reaches end

There despair begins, there it all sinks in
Rags or robes it's all the same to those who know that death will come and rob it all

See the wretched wall erected at the fall
And feel its haunting, what's the use of wanting when inside you know you want it all

Behold the curse of God, to cure us of the false
He's the one who sent the wind that brought the scent to men of fields no one has found
One day the birds will sing
Perched upon the stone with my name
All I have said, all I have done
One day no one will know, but my God

Why do I fret and pretend
My stay will be as brief as the wind
Lord lift my eyes they grow dim
No warmth of Eden's kiss on my skin

My sweat has earned not one breath
The life I have received is pure gift
Why do I shrink from your hand
From you there's only good, my good friend
One day the end will come, and every deed that we have done
Will be an open book to tell, if we clung to grace or hell

Ears to the snake, into the fruit we taste, into the fruit we taste
All to the snake, of endless lies partake, of endless lies, partake

There's a way to a man seems right but it ends in death
He tires to fill what he craves inside with the world itself
He only hears what the devil lies and he hides his wounds
A broken hand on a safety line that will be his ruin

Careful now it's a hungry den and they all want some
It doesn't care if you're happy here 'cause they're out for blood
So get in line 'fore you lose your place and your hairs go grey
You want their heaven, well, you'll have to pay like the rest have paid

I believe in your good heart, Lord, and your empty tomb
With the twelve I behold and bow and proclaim good news
Your loving light in this evil night is my joy, my hope
The permanent truth in a world of lies and the truth will hold
He's coming for my soul
I'm set to go, the last sunrise I will know

The dawn's coming, eyes caught fire
Blow, Gabriel, blow
The last sunrise I will know

No more crying there
Pain don't know my name
Praise and praise the Lord
Love resting on me